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Osaka, Japan

The amount that I could write about visiting Osaka is staggering, and I could probably break it down into approximately 1,000 blog posts, but I felt compelled to write something IMMEDIATELY, because it was a truly incredible city.  I had the opportunity to attend a Sumo Wrestling Tournament in the heart of the city, and was blown away.  I knew very little about Sumo itself before attending, and by the end of the day long event, I had read up on the incredibly intricate rules and practices, not only of the sport itself, but that dictate the entire lives of the athletes.  I only have a few photos to share at the moment, but will post a large gallery sometime soon!  In the meantime, these photos will have to do. Thanks for reading, more to come!

White House, Washington DC

Demonstration by “How Many More?  An Oral Memorial”.  Directly in front of The White House, Washington DC.  The speakers are reading names of Syrians killed over the past 4 years as a result of Isis terrorism.  Particularly heartbreaking to me, are the two cell phone users that don’t even to bother to look up from their phones to acknowledge what they are walking directly  through.

NYC Marathon 2014- Mile 22

On the coldest, windiest day in my NYC marathon memory, I stood outside for 15 absolutely freezing minutes at mile marker 22.  The number of runners that, after 22 freezing miles, took the time to stop and smile for a stranger’s camera absolutely blew my mind.  The only thing that could top that was seeing the man who had walked 22 miles in what appeared to be women’s sandals.

Sydney, Australia- Chinese Garden

Was told by a local (and imagine this in the most bored, monotone voice possible) that I was headed to “The most beautiful Chinese garden in all of Sydney”.  I was VERY skeptical, and extremely thrilled and surprised when I finally got to see this gorgeous garden in person!  I take back my judgment, Sydney local.  Your tone was bored, but you totally spoke the truth.

Grand Canyon, AZ

My favorite thing about these pictures, is that they were taken about ten minutes apart.  A ten minute drive is all it took to go from a sunny, vibrant, gorgeous Grand Canyon, to an overcast, stormy Grand Canyon with sunlight juuuuuust starting to break through the clouds.