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Road Trip Story #1- Great Ocean Road

There is nothing (NOTHING, I say) that I love more than a road trip.  Preferably one with a very flexible itinerary, and accompanied by someone I love (and can not only survive, but enjoy being confined to a car with for days on end).  As I seem to be falling into the pattern of doing various series of photos here on my blog, I feel that this is a series that needs to be included.  So, presenting the first photo in a whole road trip series:  The Great Ocean Road, Australia.  This particular road winds its way along the Southeast Coast of Victoria, Australia, and runs approx. 151 miles long (243 kilometers).  I didn’t drive the full length, but did make it as far as what’s pictured above, The Twelve Apostles.  The Twelve Apostles (an amazing road trip destination, if I do say so myself), is a collection of free standing limestone stacks, just off the coast, directly next to the Great Ocean Road.  While there were originally actually twelve of them grouped together, only eight currently remain standing.  Not only is the coast itself breathtaking, but these towering stacks reveal all of the different colors and layers that comprise the make up of the gorgeous cliffs.  The beaches themselves are completely unreachable by people, and therefore gloriously untouched, making it feel like one of the most majestic, isolated, and inspiring places I’ve ever seen.

Melbourne Zoo, Australia

No quote to go with this, just one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen.  This artist was sitting next to the glass of the expansive orangutan habitat.  She was sketching these two orangutans, who were sitting, and watching her intently.  Every once in a while, she would hold up her pad of paper to show them her progress, and then return to sketching.  They would study her drawing, and then go back to sitting quietly and continue to watch her sketch.  This went on for at least 45 minutes.