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Central Park, NYC

I stumbled upon these enormously talented gents in Central Park almost a year ago!  Their music was incredible, and they drew a hypnotized audience in from all sides.  One of my favorite things about NYC is that you can just happen to stumble across serious musicianship while taking a stroll through the park!  If you want to check them out, the link to their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/eliandtitus.


Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NYC

Meet Gary, the self proclaimed “Mayor of Central Park”.  He spends his time at the “Imagine” Mosaic at Strawberry Fields, Central Park.  Every day, he brings a new arrangement of flowers and/or trinkets to adorn the tribute to John Lennon.  He greets tourists as if welcoming them to his home, and accepts “contributions to peace”, if said tourists are feeling generous.

“I’m just trying to do what the Brother wanted.  Bring Peace.”

NYC Marathon 2014- Mile 22

On the coldest, windiest day in my NYC marathon memory, I stood outside for 15 absolutely freezing minutes at mile marker 22.  The number of runners that, after 22 freezing miles, took the time to stop and smile for a stranger’s camera absolutely blew my mind.  The only thing that could top that was seeing the man who had walked 22 miles in what appeared to be women’s sandals.