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Melbourne Zoo, Australia

No quote to go with this, just one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen.  This artist was sitting next to the glass of the expansive orangutan habitat.  She was sketching these two orangutans, who were sitting, and watching her intently.  Every once in a while, she would hold up her pad of paper to show them her progress, and then return to sketching.  They would study her drawing, and then go back to sitting quietly and continue to watch her sketch.  This went on for at least 45 minutes.

Squam Lake, Holderness, NH

“What was the best part of spending summers here as a child?”

“The best part?  Waiting to hear who your teacher would be in the fall.  We didn’t get letters delivered here, so we’d have to wait for our dad to bring the letters home each week, and you never knew when they were going to come, and then one day it would FINALLY arrive and you’d know what your year was going to be like.”

NYC Marathon 2014- Mile 22

On the coldest, windiest day in my NYC marathon memory, I stood outside for 15 absolutely freezing minutes at mile marker 22.  The number of runners that, after 22 freezing miles, took the time to stop and smile for a stranger’s camera absolutely blew my mind.  The only thing that could top that was seeing the man who had walked 22 miles in what appeared to be women’s sandals.