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About The Socks For Ben Project

Never heard of Sanfilippo Syndrome?  You’re not alone.  This devastating disease is largely unheard of to those who have never met someone facing it.  I learned about it when I met my buddy, Ben Siedman.  Ben is the inspiration behind bensdream.org a website I highly suggest you check out.  Ben had an enormous love for a lot of things:  His family, his dogs, Arthur the aardvark, cows, tractors, farms, stinky man feet, big boobies, and funny socks.  When Ben was in the hospital, just before his death, his family and friends made a plea for good thoughts and prayers for Ben, and to show support, people from all over the world Tweeted, Facebooked, Instagramed, and emailed pictures of their wackiest, silliest socks.  At Ben’s memorial service, everyone dressed up, cried, laughed, shared stories, and rocked the funkiest socks that we could find.  After a little time has passed, my incredible mother, Pam Davis, and I decided that we wanted the world to see Ben through our eyes.  As a result, the Socks for Ben Photography project has been born.  We’re currently seeking out friends, family, and supporters of not only Ben, but also of others who suffer from the same disease that took Ben’s life.  With each new person we meet, we share stories, talk about Ben and Sanfilippo, wear the goofiest socks we can find, and take a few photos.  Please take a look through our pictures to meet those who loved Ben, those who hope for a cure for Sanfilippo, and, in a way, meet Ben.  To donate towards finding a cure, please go to http://bensdream.org/donate.html.